August 4, 2015


Here’s Seattle’s strategy for passing a $200M waterfront tax

Marc Stiles - Puget Sound Business Journal - July 22, 2015

Seattle officials have been relatively quiet about a $200 million tax to fund the waterfront park and improvements along downtown's Pike-Pine corridor. But that will change when tunnel-boring machine Bertha gets back on track. FULL ARTICLE

$20M campaign to clean up downtown Seattle in early planning stages

Marc Stiles - Puget Sound Business Journal - March 20, 2015

The Downtown Seattle Association is moving ahead with a plan to improve Pike and Pine streets from Pike Place Market to Melrose Market on Capitol Hill. FULL ARTICLE

Seattle LEAD Program to Keep Offenders Out of Jail Draws Nationwide Interest

John R. Emshwiller and Gary Fields - The Wall Street Journal - July 20, 2015

Push to use social services is being embraced by the White House and law enforcement across the country FULL ARTICLE


Pierce County property values on the upswing, return to 2010 levels

Sean Robinson - The Olympian - July 6, 2015

Residential property values rise for third straight year between 2014 and 2015; assessor sees continuing recovery from recession. FULL ARTICLE


New law will ban open containers of pot in cars

Melissa Santos - The Olympian - July 18, 2015

Technically, smoking pot while driving a car has been legal in Washington for more than two years. That will change this fall when a new state law banning open containers of pot in vehicles goes into effect.   FULL ARTICLE

Tuition cuts may trigger refunds for investors in Washington’s GET

Katherine Long - The Olympian - July 14, 2015

A state committee that oversees Washington’s prepaid college tuition plan is considering refunding some, or even all, of the money parents and relatives poured into the plan in recent years. FULL ARTICLE

Regulators say first water case aided by detailed records

Fenit Nirappil - The News Tribune - July 22, 2015

California's vast network of reservoirs, canals and rivers is among the world's most engineered water systems, but it is tough to prove when water is illegally siphoned because of sparse metering, infrequent reporting and a complex web of tens of thousands of water rights. FULL ARTICLE


Medicare trust fund outlook unchanged

Shannon Muchmore - Modern Healthcare - July 22, 2015

Medicare's hospital trust fund remains on track to cover all obligations until 2030, the Social Security and Medicare boards of trustees said in their annual report released Wednesday. FULL ARTICLE

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