May 28, 2015


State To Shell: Long-Term Moorage Of Arctic Drill Rig Unconstitutional

John Ryan - KUOW - May 22, 2015

State officials said Friday that it's unconstitutional for Shell Oil to store its Arctic drilling rig at the Port of Seattle's Terminal 5. FULL ARTICLE


Uber, Lyft, Sidecar may soon be able to pick you up at Sea-Tac Airport

Miguel Otárola - The Seattle Times - May 27, 2015

Port of Seattle commissioners will decide whether to allow app-based ride services to pick up arriving passengers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. FULL ARTICLE


Boeing wins first-ever private NASA order to fly people to International Space Station

Steve Wilhelm - Puget Sound Business Journal - May 27, 2015

NASA ordered its first human ride into space from Boeing. The step, announced Wednesday, is for a Boeing CST-100 space capsule to take people to the International Space Station in 2017. FULL ARTICLE

Senate eager to add more money for drought prep

John Stang - Crosscut - May 26, 2015

The Washington Senate Ways & Means Committee unanimously recommended Tuesday that $18 million be allocated to fight Washington’s drought for the remainder of fiscal 2013-2015 and for the state’s upcoming budget biennium 2015-2017. FULL ARTICLE

Inslee boosts state climate goal as cap-and-trade action stalls

Jim Brunner - The Olympian - May 21, 2015

Gov. Jay Inslee has failed so far to convince state legislators to go along with his proposal to meet official state greenhouse-gas-reduction targets through a new charge on carbon emissions. FULL ARTICLE


Supreme Court to hear challenge to Texas redistricting plan

Robert Barnes - The Washington Post - May 26, 2015

Decades after the Supreme Court set “one person, one vote” as the standard states must meet in creating legislative districts that equitably distribute political power, the justices agreed Tuesday to decide exactly which persons should count. FULL ARTICLE

Demands of an aging population will have Medicare, Medicaid fighting for dollars

Merrill Goozner - Modern Healthcare - May 23, 2015

Medicare and Medicaid evolved in dramatically different ways. Medicare, which provided health coverage for seniors, became the third rail of American politics. Medicaid, a state-based program that provided health coverage for the poor, existed in a political netherworld. All that is about to change. FULL ARTICLE

Here’s how the first president of the social media age has chosen to connect with Americans

Juliet Eilperin - The Washington Post - May 26, 2015

The gathering in Beverly Hills in early April had all the elements of a Hollywood pitch meeting: influential celebrities, powerful agents, marketing moguls and social media strategists. FULL ARTICLE

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